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Men’s Health

Men’s health

Male sexual dysfunction can have profound impact on a man’s life affecting his self image and confidence, his sense of manhood.it can shatter a young couple’s life by affecting their sexual Procreative and Marital fulfillment and often results in Unconsummated marriages,infertility and divorce. In our Hospital we have full time sexologists to reat all male and female sexual problems scientifically with confidence. ED 1000- Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDST) a complete solution to E.D. Patients the rapeutic Angiogeriesis using shock wave therapy. One of the basic needs of all human beings, is need to have children.

Diagnosing Male Infertility

Though the cause of male infertility is often unidentified, there are a few problems that have been indicated as potential causes. Problems related to sperm production, the anatomy or structure of the man’s reproductive organs and the man’s immune system can all be factors in male infertility.Genetic defects, infection, testicular trauma, hormonal imbalance or exposure to radiation and certain medications are all causes of sperm production disorders. Infertility can occur when there is a low sperm count, or problems with the motility (movement) or morphology (appearance or shape) of the sperm. Sperm that have poor motility often are not able to reach the egg and, therefore, fertilization does not occur. Abnormal sperm are sometimes unable to penetrate and fertilize the egg. Sperm DNA damage may interfere with conception as well as lead to a greater risk of miscarriage.

Male Evaluation

Given that male factor issues are causative in approximately 20% of infertile couples and contributory in up to another 30%-40%, a thorough assessment of the male partner is essential but nevertheless often overlooked.Male fertility assessment begins with a thorough medical history as well as a physical examination that focuses on any historical causes of infertility. The medical history should be checked for peripubertal mumps, which cause sterility in 15% of affected and a unilaterally/bilaterally undescended testis, which, in 30%-80% of individuals, yields abnormal semen parameters. Any chronic medical conditions that could alter fertility, such as diabetes or pulmonary disease, should be explored. Exposure to chemotherapeutic agents or radiation therapy due to malignancy may also contribute to male factor infertility. Medications and exposure to environmental agents as well as a history of pelvic,spinal cord, or direct groin trauma may also affect fertility. A couple’s coital habits, including the use of lubricants known to be spermatotoxic should also be explored.

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