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    ED 1000

    Our Services

    Sexual Medicine

    Exclusive Hospital and a major specialist centre for Sexual Health for Men and Women.

    Infertility treatment

    We are one of the India's leading providers of fertility treatment. Our Embryologists and Clinicians are able to offer you today's most advanced and effective procedures.

    Ortho Pain Clinic

    First time in this part of country a multi disciplinary approach, that is pain is analysed in all dimension with the help of pain physicians, neurologists, orthopeadist and psychiatrist. The root cause of the pain is diagnosed and treated.

    Diabetes treatment

    We provide Treatment, theropy and support to help people manage their diabetes effectively and confidently.

    Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

    ENT Clinic addresses all facets of the medical and surgical care of the ear, nose and throat.

    Eye Clinic

    Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences provides specialty services for ocular diseases and eye disorders.


    Our team is multidisciplinary, meaning we have several experts from a variety of specialties who work closely together to guide patients through evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Having more than one expert in each specialty gives our patients the added confidence that treatment decisions are based on census results and not one individual’s opinion.

  • Dr. T. Kamaraj

    Sexologist & Male Infertility Specialist

  • Dr. K.S Jeyarani Kamaraj

    Infertility Specialist

  • Dr. P. Radhakrishnan

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon

  • Dr.G.K. Kumar

    Pain Physician

  • Advise From Our Specialist

  • Male sexual dysfunction can have profound impact on a man’s life affecting his self image and confidence, his sense of manhood.it can shatter a young couple’s life by affecting their sexual Procreative and Marital fulfillment and often results in Unconsummated marriages,infertility and divorce. In our Hospital we have full time sexologists to reat all male and female sexual problems scientifically with confidence. ED 1000- Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDST) a complete solution to E.D. Patients the rapeutic Angiogeriesis using shock wave therapy. One of the basic needs of all human beings, is need to have children.

    Though the cause of male infertility is often unidentified, there are a few problems that have been indicated as potential causes. Problems related to sperm production, the anatomy or structure of the man’s reproductive organs and the man’s immune system can all be factors in male infertility.Genetic defects, infection, testicular trauma, hormonal imbalance or exposure to radiation and certain medications are all causes of sperm production disorders. Infertility can occur when there is a low sperm count, or problems with the motility (movement) or morphology (appearance or shape) of the sperm. Sperm that have poor motility often are not able to reach the egg and, therefore, fertilization does not occur. Abnormal sperm are sometimes unable to penetrate and fertilize the egg. Sperm DNA damage may interfere with conception as well as lead to a greater risk of miscarriage.

  • Featured Medical Services

    1. A...Age reversal / Alcohol de-addiction
    2. B...Blood in urine or Semen / Behavior Therapy
    3. C...Cancer treatment /Contraception / Cosmetic surgery
    4. D...Diabetes / Dental / Drug addiction
    5. E...Erectile dysfunction / ENT / Eye
    6. F...Fitness for marriage checkup/ Family counseling
    7. G...General surgery/Gynaecomastia / General medicine
    8. H...Heart Disease/Hyper tension clinic / Hair Transplant
    9. I...Infertility/ IUI / IVF / ICSI
    10. J...Joy of Sex / Jaundice
    12. L...Low sperm count / Laparoscopy surgery / Liver diseases
    13. M...Marital counseling / Mental health
    14. N...Neurological problem / Nutrition counseling
    15. O...Obesity/Occupational health / Orgasm problems
    16. P...Pain Management / Psoriasis / Psychiatric problems
    17. Q...Quick ejaculation
    18. R...Retrograde ejaculation / Respiratory problems
    19. S...Sexual disorders/sexually transmitted diseases
    20. T...Testicular swelling / Thyroid problems
    21. U...Unconsummated marriage / Urinary incontinence
    22. V...Venereal Disease/Vascular surgery / Varicocele
    23. W...Weight loss programs / Warts
    24. X...Sex therapy / Xerosis / Xray.
    25. Y...Yoga Tantric Sex
    26. Z...AZoospermia
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    Dr Kamaraj Hospital is one of the best Multispeciality hospital for Men. The focus areas of excellences are Sexual Problems, Infertility Prenatal education, couple counseling, Marital therapy, counseling, Mental Health & Wellness Deaddiction Treatment This hospital has all specialisation under a roof........I strongly recommend people to avail these excellent services....... Dr Denzil - Psychologist and

    November 3, 2015

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