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Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF is the most holistic approach to IVF treatment and is becoming increasingly popular as a method of fertility treatment. Our Fertility Center has cultivated a very effective protocol for helping women who want a to undergo an IVF protocol with high success while simultaneously avoiding the medications and drugs that would otherwise stimulate ovaries and produce multiple eggs.

Natural Cycle IVF is intended to capture the one egg that your body naturally produces each month during your menstrual cycle. This egg is generally the best quality egg a woman’s body will produce (even when IVF drugs are used) and will give you the greatest chance for pregnancy.

Many fertility clinics have not yet begun to offer Natural Cycle IVF as a fertility treatment option for their patients becuase it is a very difficult protocol to do well. As you may know, the optimal time for an egg retrieval is a small window 4-6 hours before ovulation. In addition, 50% of natural (non-medication-induced) ovulation occurs at midnight. Since retrievals are done durng the daytime, coordinating procedures while predicting ovulation and working aroung your body’s natural schedule is very difficult. Close monitoring and accurate interpretation of individual hormone levels is a key part of success and New Hope Fertility Center’s doctors have both the experience and expertise to lead these protocols effectively.

Natural Cycle IVF is ideal for women who wish to reduce the number of drugs and medications introduced into their bodies, for older women, or for women with poorer fertility health who are less likely to produce multiple eggs even with the administration of IVF drugs. Natural Cycle IVF can allow women in these groups to avoid the health risks and high cost of IVF drugs as well as the discomfort of daily injections.

Additionally, many women in these categories find that when they do attempt to undergo IVF drug therapy, they are offered only limited IVF access and are either refused care or end up having to go through cancelled cycles because they cannot produce enough eggs. As part of New Hope Fertility Center’s wide range of fertility treatment options, Natural Cycle IVF helps us keep the promise of our “One Good Egg” policy alive and ensures that you will not be turned away for producing too few eggs.

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