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World IVF Day – 25th July 2016

Aakash Fertility Centre and Hospitals, Vadapalani,Chennai-600026.


Causes for infertility and modern treatment for the same
On 22, 23, 24 and 25th of July 2016
At Aakash Fertility Centre and Hospital, Vadapalani

On 24.07.2016
From 11 AM onward
One to one informal discussion with Specialists

On 25.07.2016
From 9 AM onward free consultation and medical checkup

Exhibition – Topics

Causes for infertility and modern treatment for the same
• Causes for Infertility and solution – Female
• Causes for Infertility and solution – Male
• The modern treatment for infertility.
• In vitro Fertilization Method (IVF).
• How many times one can undergo IVF treatment?
• Why there are recurrent failures in the IVF – its remedies
• Solution for the repeated Miscarriage.
• What is PGD method?
• Procedures for acquiring surrogate mother.
• Procedures regarding egg donation.
• Woman above 40years of age, can she become a mother?
• Laser Hatching – What is it?
• Infertility due to sex problem and solution for the same.
• Woman with Ovarian cyst / fibroids in uterus. What are all the difficulties, Chances and methods to get a baby?
• Menopause woman (menstruation stopped). How to get a baby?
• Hormone Problems and infertility. How to Correct?
• Cancer woman – How to get a baby?
• adolescent and teens lifestyle problems & its influence on infertility
• Obesity and infertility.
• Women’s health.
All are welcome
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