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Male sexual dysfunction can have profound impact on a man's life affecting his self image and confidence, his sense of manhood. it can shatter a young couple's life by affecting their sexual Procreative and Marital fulfillment and often results in Unconsummated marriages, infertility and divorce.

In our Hospital we have full time sexologists to treat all male and female sexual problems scientifically with confidence. ED 1000- Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDST) a complete solution to E.D. Patients the rapeutic Angiogeriesis using shock wave theropy.

One of the basic needs of all human beings, is need to have children. Unfortunately 15% of couples conception does not occur. Infertility is not merely a physical condition, it is an emotional and social condition as well, carrying with it intense feelings of anger, frustration, isolation depression and grief.
We have infertility counselors, male and female infertility specialists, Embryologist and other scientists to provide excellent services to the patients.

We are doing all the infertility related services including:IUI (Insemination) | IVF (Test Tube Baby)| Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection | Micro Surgery for Tubal Repair | Semen Banking | Embryo Freezing | Laparoscopy | Hysteroscopy | Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy (EDST)

A… Age reversal / Alcohol de-addiction
B… Blood in urine or Semen / Behavior Therapy
C… Cancer treatment /Contraception / Cosmetic surgery
D… Diabetes / Dental / Drug addiction
E… Erectile dysfunction / ENT / Eye
F… Fitness for marriage checkup/ Family counseling
G… General surgery/Gynaecomastia / General medicine
H… Heart Disease/Hyper tension clinic / Hair Transplant
I… Infertility/ IUI / IVF / ICSI
J… Joy of Sex / Jaundice
L… Low sperm count / Laparoscopy surgery / Liver diseases
M… Marital counseling / Mental health
N… Neurological problem / Nutrition counseling
O… Obesity/Occupational health / Orgasm problems
P… Pain Management / Psoriasis / Psychiatric problems
Q… Quick ejaculation
R… Retrograde ejaculation / Respiratory problems
S… Sexual disorders/sexually transmitted diseases
T… Testicular swelling / Thyroid problems
U… Unconsummated marriage / Urinary incontinence
V… Venereal Disease/Vascular surgery / Varicocele
W… Weight loss programs / Warts
X… seX therapy / Xerosis / Xray.
Y… Yoga Tantric Sex
Z… AZoospermia

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Add : 79, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, 
100 Ft Rd, Near Ambica Empire Hotel
City : Vadapalani, Chennai - 600026.
Ph : +91 44 6513 3333, 6514 3333
Fax : +91 44 242874787
Dr.Kamaraj Hospital is the first hospital exclusively focused on Men's Health in Chennai, India with Global Standard.
-- Male Infertility.
--  Ageing.
-- Obesity Management.
-- Life Style Diseases.
-- Pain Management.
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